What is SeaWord?

Through Discovery, Science, and Education, SeaWord Foundation strives to build a broad public understanding of the crucial role the Oceans play in the global history, science, economy, ecology, and ultimate future of mankind. Through partnering with existing at-sea expeditions and leveraging commercial resources, SeaWord can take advantage of this unique deep-ocean presence to educate students, collect samples for scientific study, and even send teachers on missions to provide webcasts and lesson plans for real-time learning.

SeaWord is a non-profit organization with a four-year history of marine education projects, including sponsoring students on at-sea expeditions and internships, initiating student programs to support seashore cleanup, and visiting schools to share our love and knowledge of the oceans.

A number of highly qualified experts in marine archaeology and undersea technology support these efforts, led by experienced project managers. We are all veterans of highly successful commercial deep-ocean endeavors, and we are volunteering our time and resources to share our unique experiences with students and the public, so that in the future we may be better stewards of our ocean frontier.

Dave Jourdan

SeaWord Foundation is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization (Federal Tax ID #52-2148264). For more information about SeaWord, contact us.


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